I have watched with key interest, observation and personal efforts through mobile calls and visitation; and I discovered that some certain group of persons of a part in Atte and in collaboration with some others (not atte) have taken the advantage of the condition of ATTE road, decieved our people by making them to believed that they are constructing our road.
That the title documents which they claimed to be possessing for the IMIANASERE people in their land is a false.
That this method of entering into a house through the back door was an EVIL idea and a big slap on the face of ATTE.

That these people have every liberty to dispute this my claim by:

  1. Telling Atte people that they have not negotiate any secret business with these their investors.
  2. That it is time that the same people should show to the IMIANASERE people of ATTE the documents which one of their spoke person have claimed that was made for the People of IMIANASERE. That by this act of deception, our people gave them on open check into our land.
  3. That this person should know reasonably that “we all can’t be sleeping all at the same time. No not in this time again.
  4. That the man can come up in the air or any other medium to deny my claim.

Let it be note by this ” babalawoo” self acclaimed Pope, that he cannot fool all of us at the same time again.

” Enough is Enough. —- Chief Festus Ituamah.