Dear my great people of Atte Community,

I trust this message finds you well. It has come to our attention that the construction of the Iyukwu – Atte Road is notably included in the NDDC 2024 annual estimate. This presents a significant opportunity for our community to collaborate and actively engage in Public Relations efforts, mirroring the positive examples set by our neighboring communities.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of political dealings, it is crucial that we adopt a reciprocal approach—supporting one another for mutual benefit. The philosophy of “I rob your back, you rob my back” is an apt description of the symbiotic nature of political business.

Let us not confine ourselves to a limited perspective within our enclave. Instead, let’s pool our resources, share knowledge, and collectively work towards ensuring the successful realization of this project. A united front will not only expedite the development of our road but will also contribute to the overall progress and prosperity of our community.

Your active participation in this endeavor is vital, and I believe that together, we can leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. I look forward to your support and collaboration as we embark on this journey for the betterment of Atte.

Best regards,
Dsp. Kerobo I.P
An Investigative Journalist
Publisher of News Source360 Magazine/Ns360 Online Radio
January 31st,2024